Machine Learning Applications for the Public Sector


  • To identify when machine learning can help you build a new product or service
  • The key elements for success in a machine learning project
Taught by
  • Gideon Mann
25 mins


Oftentimes a business or organization may wish to do the same task over and over again, and there is a lot of data at its disposal. In such settings, machine learning algorithms may be a useful way forward to help solve many problems that would be too burdensome for humans to do each time by hand. The lecture discusses differences between prediction systems and recommendation tasks, supplemented by examples from industry that include e-commerce applications, language modeling, and image analysis. The lecture discusses challenges machine learning algorithms face when the underlying data collected are “biased” or not representative of your target population or problem.


A visual introduction to machine learning by R2D3 - machine learning explained in interactive visualizations.

An executive’s guide to machine learning by McKinsey - read how are traditional industries using machine learning to gather fresh business insights?

Automation Beyond the Physical: AI in the Public Sector by Government Technology - 26 ways artificial intelligence is, or could, help government do its job.

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