Data Collaboratives: Creating Public Value by Exchanging Data


  • The kind of problems that data collaboratives can solve;
  • The public value that corporate data can generate;
  • The different types of corporate data and different ways how can it be exchanged;
  • The motivations and inherent risks of exchanging data.
Taught by
  • Stefaan Verhulst
53 mins


Much of the data that would be valuable to access and analyze resides with the private sector—in the form of, for instance, Web clicks, online purchases, sensor data, and call data records. With consumers connected to more and more platforms as well as the increasing prevalence of sensing technologies (i.e. the Internet of Things), data on how people and societies behave is becoming even more privately owned. In this session, we discuss private sources of data to solve public problems and best practices for how data can be shared between private and public organizations.


Data Collaboratives: Exchanging Data to Improve People’s Lives, by Stefaan Verhulst and David Sangokoya - an essay on leveraging the potential of data to solve complex public problems through data collaboratives and four critical accelerators towards responsible data sharing and collaboration.

Data Collaboratives: Matching Demand with Supply of (Corporate) Data to solve Public Problems, by Stefaan Verhulst, Iryna SUsha and Alexander Kostura - a report describing emerging practice, opportunities and challenges in data collaboratives as identified at the International Data Responsibility Conference.

Data Responsibility: A New Social Good for the Information Age, by Stefaan Verhulst - an essay offering a new understanding of data responsibility comprising a duty to share, a data to protect, and a duty to act.

More readings at Data Collaboratives section of the Open Governance Research Exchange.

Watch “Your Company’s Data Could Help End World Hunger” by Mallory Soldner, UPS Advanced Analytics Manager, explain what is data philanthropy and how the next generation of corporate social responsibility is using data and companies’ decision-scientist expertise to solve the big problems our world is facing.

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